Wimbledon is synonymous with racquet sports. The wimbledonpersonaltrainer.co.uk Club offers to coach beginners and experienced players in badminton and squash, and it has a gym too. The fitness Wimbledon gym provides a variety of cardiovascular equipment, weights, and a sauna. It also has personal trainers and programs. Students and young people can get flexible memberships with special discounts. Check the wimbledonpersonaltrainer.co.uk Club website for more information. It is located in Wimbledon’s Victorian swimming pool building. The restoration has preserved many of the original features. The town’s only spa is here for some pampering. It has a teaching and leisure pool. This Health gym is located in the middle of the city, just above the cinema. It offers a three-step program to help you reach your goals and set realistic goals.

This is great for engaging your calves and stretching your quads. Karaoke can be a bit more difficult. To engage both your legs, start by turning to the side. Next, shuffle while crossing one foot in front of another. Suicides, a well-known exercise that will pump your heart out, are aptly named. You can set a full distance, such as a football field. Start in the middle of the area and sprint to the opposite end zone. Return to the starting point and jog back. Now turn around and sprint to the 50-yard mark. Then jog back. Get it? These can be as strenuous as you like, depending on your endurance. You can have each interval at 5 yards or 25 yards. For a more challenging workout, move on to agilities. These are safer and easier if you start the movement with plyometrics, as they require you to change directions quickly. You can use ladders for anyone with any level of experience. You can either get a ladder (your gym may have one), or you can use sticks or lines in the dirt, as long as it looks like a ladder.

Run as fast as possible through the ladder, making sure you get both feet in every square. Ladder Karaoke is another option. You can also change the direction of your run by changing the court you are running on or going in and out. Another great exercise is Sprint/Backpedal. This will help you transform your direction at a faster speed. Sprint for a distance and then backpedal as fast as you can. Medicine Ball Slams can be fun and can relieve tension. Do them when you have some steam! For a leg workout, grab a non-bouncy medicine ball and slam it on the ground. If you find this too difficult on your back, you can throw the ball up or catch it. Forearm curls are essential for tennis because they strengthen your wrist. Place your elbow on your thigh while you sit on a bench. After ten repetitions, curl a dumbbell using your wrist. Then turn it around and twist the other way. Tricep Bench Dips, which use bodyweight rather than dumbbells, are an extremely effective workout. As if you were sitting on a bench, use the workout bench to your advantage.