Modern Cannabis Comics in All Its Diversity

Like me and you cannabis comic books, Bong… James Bong: Cannabis Crusader loves red and green. Especially when it is a fluffy green using bushy reddish hairs, whether you’re observing Kushmas, highnakuh, or Ramadan, then there’s one convention in that we could all partake.

And it is a heritage which begins today with what’s Guaranteed to

After the Remaining JOINT household leaves James all independently on Xmas to safeguard HQ, ” he can not help himself out of looking in Bud’s laboratory. However, of course, he is not the only person that is after having a bountiful stash of trees in the herbiest nighttime of this season!

Even the cannabis comedian”Stoned Alone” additionally introduces the radical new creation, the Vpuf Pipe, that is the very first official Licensed James Bong product, arriving at high shelves at 2018!

Whether you have been naughty or nice, it is Ok to examine it twice. Or 420 instances. Or into a brother at the same time you tuck him. It’s guaranteed to be always a cure to learn when you sit light that your sacred joint together with the Xmas fire. Merry Xmas to all and a fantastic high!

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